Finally, I can take a breath shortly now.

I can have a day to prepare next subject which is on the day after tomorrow.

What's going on today, I can't make any comment on my exams.

All the consequence just wait until teacher reveal the scores.

Calculus Economics English

Today I do the second time's settlement of accounts.

I'm proud that I has recorded every expense and it's purpose from 2.11.2009~4.14.2009.

I should give me an applause and buy a present for myself.


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Economics!!Why you are so boring?

Althought I can accept you more than Accounting.

But my head can't put things in efficiently!

I just want to find some reason and pretended I'm dead to get away from books.


Just before, I was catching the mosquitoes with lulu (my roommate).

But I want to do more things is catching my heart back.

Without it, I can't stay calm to study.



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I always want a new attitude to have a new life,and this is the place I want to start.

Recently I have a serious problem.

I found that I usually didn't take things seriously.

I want to change!

I tried many ways to inspire my heart.

I just want to warning my heat to pay attention.

But I can't see any achievement.

Although I have do something, but the change is only external instead of internal.

I had made decision many times.

It seems not working.

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