Economics!!Why you are so boring?

Althought I can accept you more than Accounting.

But my head can't put things in efficiently!

I just want to find some reason and pretended I'm dead to get away from books.


Just before, I was catching the mosquitoes with lulu (my roommate).

But I want to do more things is catching my heart back.

Without it, I can't stay calm to study.



There is many decision we always face.

We can't always ask others to help our make decision.

We should use our wisdom to think over.

Maybe is wrong or is right. It doesn't matter.

If it is right, we can have a easy way and have happy life.

If it is wrong, we can get an expierence, it's sounds not so bad.

Expierence let us learn more lessons.

And make our wisdom stronger, than we can make right decision next time.

Decision sometimes forces us to give up something.

"Give up means loss something, but what you lose is you lack of enthusiasm on it.

And what you gain is your career and find by your initiative heart."

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Why is free, because is with love .

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