Finally, I can take a breath shortly now.

I can have a day to prepare next subject which is on the day after tomorrow.

What's going on today, I can't make any comment on my exams.

All the consequence just wait until teacher reveal the scores.

Calculus Economics English

Today I do the second time's settlement of accounts.

I'm proud that I has recorded every expense and it's purpose from 2.11.2009~4.14.2009.

I should give me an applause and buy a present for myself.


I remember somebody had telled me that the function of settlement of accounts is saving money.

If you do this homework every day and analyze it every month.

You can control your money.

The most important steps is analysis.

We should put every transections into categories ,first.

The categories can include Food, Clothing, Housing, Transportation, Education, Entertainment.

Do it elaboratelly is better to analysis.

While you classify all the transections systematically, you can observe that which category you spend too much.

Next time when you meet the decision of same trade or you are hesitate buying or not, you should think twice.

[Is that necessarily? Is that luxury? Is there any other thing can substitute?]

Than you won't let your money fly alway soon.

And if you want to save money , I think you should take the amount out first, than you won't spend over it.


This month I have got deficit..... althought I think I didn't waste money.

After I check out it carefully, take off the accident expense, compare to last month's live cost ,it seems not raise too much.

Next month target's slogan is"Saving money!Saving month!".

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