Finally, somethings is finished.

Midterm is finish,however I'm finish too! haha.....@@

But that's not my point.

The most important things is my project.

The project had been executed yesterday.

[PROJECT]-------my first one

This project is about making an atmosphere for the day's lecture topic.

My partner and I choosed "inspire the potential".

We take about a month to do this project, including design the activity, make things, buy the materials.

In the beginning, I was a little worry, because we are only the new guys to join in.

I don't think we can handle this.

We think hard and just out of no where came the idea.

I was a person who  always can't make the decision's ,but I can have some idea.

My partner was a person who always have no idea, but he can always make the decision and give the advice that me know my idea is proper or not.

Finally our project took my idea.

In the begining , I was really excited ,because this is the first time I can control something , my idea can be accept , my creativity be identify.

I'm proud of myself. I know I have some capability.

Than we just follow the way we design, but often we didn't seriously do it.

Sometimes we just put it in other place, and didn't care about............................

But in the last few days, we do our best to finish all the prepare wait for the 4.19 comes!

On that day, everything is ready, but I didn't prepare well in promotion this part.

190 person came to listen the speech. We only let 80 person to join our activity,however the people who really participate is 20 person.

So the participate rate is 25%

I give our project 70 point. I feel we didn't think very well in every aspect, although it was our first time, we should do our best!

I give my entirely perform 60 point. I always put things on my shoulders. I should cooperate with the other members. I should remember team's work, and trust people! I should work hard on my execution.

When you are planing s.t.,do it as soon as possible !

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