So long that I don't add article.

Everytime when I has bad mood, I will come here.

But this times different.

Recently is not so busy,so I can calm down to recall my memory~

From the semester beginig, only through 2 weeks.

I has a big problem that what I should do when graduated from here.

So happy I have many good friends told me their thought to inspire me.

Let me know what is the important for me for them ,what is the value on these steps.

Messy brain..


March is volleyball month.The big competition all in this month.

Volleyball accompany me for 1.5 years.

This passion still here.

Every member in this team all do their best to work on it.

Last year we have a good grade.

This year we have new coach new leader new meber new collocation.

Is a new challenge for everybody.

Hope we can continue the honor of last year.

Cheers! We can do it.

Let's go everyone bust their ass.  <----Timbo teach me

~"calm down","correct the mistake","remeber every basic steps"~



First week doesn't have H.W.

Easy ~  Relaxing~

Second week the class is start.

Some subject I only staring the teacher but I can't understand what is he talking about.

This make me worry....

Count on teacher seems not a good idea.



Recently is happy,not boring. Beacuse I can feel the warm heart from many body^^

Maby is so long doesn't meet everybody. So is unusual excited~

Love you all~


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